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Hebrew for Christians Homeschool. Free printables!!!

Hebrew for Christians Homeschool Resource Pages

כתבי הקדשׁ - Kitvei HaKodesh - The Hebrew Scriptures

כתבי הקדשׁ - Kitvei HaKodesh - The Hebrew Scriptures

Elementary Hebrew curriculum for homeschool. Free, online Hebrew lessons for kids. Learn the alphabet, play cool, interactive games and activities to learn basic vocabulary and language skills.

Take your first step in learning Hebrew by learning about the Aleph-Bet.

Hebrew: God's Chosen Language

Bridges for Peace » Kids Corner » Hebrew: God’s Chosen Language

Hebrew, Greek, Latin: the Language Hour

Little Bitty Baby Learns Hebrew... This book is so beautiful. It's written as a board book for little ones, but it teaches the basics on how to write the twenty-two letters in the Hebrew alphabet and has *beautiful* illustrations. Forget itty bitty baby... I want a copy for *me*. lol