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The Old Magazine Days

We haven't been a magazine for a long time. Still, the old mag had some fun art.

Oct. 1983 #Jaws

Regular Cracked for 1983

Fall 1980 "Biggest Greatest" Issue #StarWars


October 1982 cover #MASH

Regular Cracked for 1982

May 1978 John Severin cover, from BEFORE Battlestar Galactica was cool.

April '93. Also a key plank in Ted Cruz's filibuster platform.

Winter '93. This issue would later inspire Ted Cruz to filibuster Obamacare.

"This was my favorite issue of Cracked. I read it about 100 times during the summer between fourth and fifth grade, and I wrote my own version of it which I read aloud to my class." -- Tom Reimann

November 1975. To be fair, JAWZ had it coming.

Our first issue, back in 1958. We made the leap to the Internet the very next year.