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The Old Magazine Days

We haven't been a magazine for a long time. Still, the old mag had some fun art.

19 Pins

The Old Magazine Days

  • 19 Pins

Oct. 1983 #Jaws

Regular Cracked for 1983

Fall 1980 "Biggest Greatest" Issue #StarWars


October 1982 cover #MASH

Regular Cracked for 1982

Reprint of Cracked Magazine #1

August 1990 #TMNT #Pizza

May 1967

November 1979 #Alien

May 1978 John Severin cover, from BEFORE Battlestar Galactica was cool.

space1970: BATTLESTAR GALACTICA (1978) CRACKED Art by Severin

May 1988 Don Martin cover

January 1988

April '93. Also a key plank in Ted Cruz's filibuster platform.

Winter '93. This issue would later inspire Ted Cruz to filibuster Obamacare.

"This was my favorite issue of Cracked. I read it about 100 times during the summer between fourth and fifth grade, and I wrote my own version of it which I read aloud to my class." -- Tom Reimann

November 1975. To be fair, JAWZ had it coming.

January 1978 Star Wars

No. 115 March 1974

No. 124 May 1975

Our first issue, back in 1958. We made the leap to the Internet the very next year.