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Download this vintage crochet book ($1.00) Originally published in 1950 by the Lily Mills Company, this beautiful crochet pattern booklet presents many different designs of doilies and place mats, each with a floral theme. Patterns and instructions for:

Flower Garden Doilies to Crochet, Lily Design Book No.52

($1.00) Originally published in 1961, this vintage pattern booklet contains 16 hat designs in a variety of styles: knitted or crocheted, classic or fashionable. This is a PDF download

The Bernat Hat Book, Bernat Handicrafter Book No.101

Download Original Bucilla Bedspread Creations Vol. 76

Download Original Bucilla Bedspread Creations Vol. 76

1934 Bucilla Book # 76 Bedspread Creations delivered in PDF format. Patterns include: Spider Web Popcorn Bedspread No. 662 & Pillow Ptn Popcorn Filet Basket Bedspread No. 663 & Pillow Ptn Rose Leaf Bedspread No. 667 & Pillow Ptn Two-Tone Diamond Popcorn Bedspread No. 666 & Pillow Ptn Irish Rose Popcorn Bedspread No. 664 & pillow ptn All of the Above come with Matching Pillow Crochet patterns. Bucilla Book # 76 Original Bucilla Bedspread Creations , printed originally by ...

Original Bucilla Bedspread Creations Vol. 76

Vintage Toddler Girl IRISH LACE Hand Crochet Dress Pattern Instructions with Beautiful Floral Accents - INSTANT Download

Vintage Cloche Hat & 1-Cord Scarf - Electronic Download

Vintage Red Rose Pattern Pack - Electronic Download

A Collection of Vintage Crochet Patterns and Edgings .99 Cents on Amazon

Vintage 1940's Crochet Patterns - Doilies, Shrugs, Afghans, Purses, 30 Vintage Crochet Patterns

Women's Two-Tone Crocheted Gloves - Gloves to Crochet Pattern - Kindle Crochet Patterns - Download Crochet Patterns Gloves

($1.75) Cotton Accessories for Town and Country: Crochet

($1.75) Originally published in 1945 by The Spool Cotton Company, this crochet pattern booklet gives directions on how to crochet every accessory-under-the-sun... bright, beautiful and easy-to-crochet... from hats, hair ornaments and earrings to blouses and bags... here are the ingred...

($1.99) Crochet or Knit these vintage bedspread in crochet cotton in your favorite color. These vintage patterns from 1948 include Waltz Time No. 6017 - Crochet Maid of Honor No. 6135 - Crochet Prophesy No. 6074 - Crochet Reveire No. 6038- Knit Coat of Arms No. 6125 - Crochet Margueri...

($1.00) Crochet a pair of gloves and a matching bag in crochet cotton. This vintage crochet pattern from 1941 published by Rayon crochet is a beautiful pattern for today

Crochet Girls Dresses, Sweaters Coats and More! A Collection of 13 Vintage Crochet Patterns for Little Girls

Vintage Crochet Women's Dress Pattern

Vintage Crochet Women's Dress Pattern

Craftdrawer Crafts: Vintage Crochet Women's Dress Pattern