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Pinterest Gone Wrong

Saw scrapbook paper nails on Pinterest... nailed it! (we will never get sick of "nailed it" jokes for nailpolish fails... will we?)

Scrap the Scrapbook Paper Nails | CraftFail

It looked so amazing on pinterest, but mine turned out like crap (First World Problems, CraftFail style)

First World Pinterest Problems | CraftFail
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Bacon roses. BACON! ROSES!!!

Bacon roses. BACON! ROSES!!!

sun tattoo. just say no (but I bet you could DIY that cover-up!)

heart-shaped cupcakes #fail


    OMG, I laughed to tears... but then I realized: maybe you should try it again, pouring less batter in every cup in a way that the baked cupcake barely reached the top. That way maybe they could keep the shape.