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Early 1900s Bathrooms

I'm trying to include only early-1900s bathrooms, and accessories, in this board. Either from period drawings or pictures of unremodeled bathrooms.

I like the medicine cabinet! Charming 1910 Craftsman bungalow in Pasadena, CA. $697,000.

Article: "The Dilemma of a Pink Bathroom" by Jane Powell, Friday October 19, 2007. If you’re stuck with a pink bathroom, here are a few suggestions for dealing with it that don’t involve ripping the entire thing out.

Mosaic floor tile from the 1916 Aladdin furnishing catalog.

The Mead House (in Pasadena) was built by Louis B. Easton in 1910. Easton is considered to be one of Pasadena's most significant contributors to the ideals of the Arts and Crafts movement in America during the turn of the century. His lifestyle and works embodied the highest values of exceptional craftsmanship.

1702 Post Office Street, Galveston TX - Trulia. 1905 Mansion. East End Historical District.

1702 Post Office Street, Galveston TX - Trulia

Mott's Plumbing Fixtures catalog, J.L. Mott Iron Works (1907). OMG, this is the best bathroom catalog! Tons of complete bathrooms, decent resolution on pictures.

Medicine cabinet from Chicago & Riverdale Lumber catalog, 1910.

  • BungalowMo

    $4.25! I'll take it! Mine was $85 & I had to strip a dozen layers of paint!

Royal stall shower from McAvity & Sons 1920 bath fixture catalog.

Toilets from 1910 Wards catalog.

Bathroom sinks from 1910 Wards catalog.

Laurelhurst 1912 Craftsman: Bungalow Bathroom Research. The 1920 McAvity "Royal" Bath Suite. It has a separate corner shower and a bit of colored tile in the wainscoting.

Laurelhurst Craftsman Bungalow: Bungalow Bathroom Research