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Funmigurumi, The Fun and Fab in Amigurumi

These are all my inspiration and my copyrighted designs.

Friends of Craftybegonia: Craftybegonia's Funmigurumi Love List - The CAL is back! We are ready to make this cutie, Bubblegum, the Funny Girly Girl Poodle. She's loads of fun!

Friends of Craftybegonia: Craftybegonia's Funmigurumi Love List
  • Lolly Poirier

    She is So cute! I'd love to crochet this for my granddaughters,is there a pattern?

Sue Sue the Funmigurumi Zebra When Mama and Papa Zebra were expecting, they were told by Dr. Elephant that a boy was coming, but when they saw Sue Sue, they had to rush to get some Pink into her baby wardrobe in a hurry. A cute girly Zebra she is, with an exuberant mane and just ready for love and fun! Available ONLY Mon thru Thursday weekly.

There is nothing sweeter than a squishy, super cute and cuddly baby hippo, crocheted in gentle yarn colors and ready to be loved! This is the newest addition to the Funmigurumi Cuddlers Series: Briley the Hippo. It is a FREE pattern by Craftybegonia. #freeamigurumihippopattern #freefunmigurumicuddlershippopattern #craftybegonia #freecrochetamigurumipattern

The years of childhood are truly special when they are full of love and warmth. Make the little one of your heart (whether he or she is your baby or grandbaby, your nephew or your niece) feel truly special and loved by crocheting something from your heart! Hopper the Rabbit is a crazy-cute, companion and friend, with his floppy ears, toothy grin and unusual shape, he will truly be loved and cherished! Available ONLY from Monday thru Thursday, weekly.

Friends of Craftybegonia: Craftybegonia's Funmigurumi Love List. If you love to crochet amigurumi and enjoy the thought of fun amigurumi crochet-alongs, then this is for you! (And it's FREE!) #crochet amigurumi #funmigurumi #crochet alongs #amigurumi crochet alongs #funmigurumi love list

Friends of Craftybegonia: Craftybegonia's Funmigurumi Love List

Funmigurumi And Kids Stuff: Sheepers the Lamb He can be a toy or a baby rattle. He was scaled especially for those who love small Amigurumi or to be held by baby and toddler arms. FREE Pattern! #crochet #amigurumi #funmigurumi #lamb #crocheted toys #crochet toys for baby #crochet rattles #crochet sheep #free crochet pattern #craftybegonia

Funmigurumi And Kids Stuff: Croaky Puddler the Funmigurumi Frog Born in the Chocolate Ponds beyond the Cupcake Mountains, where the Minty Bamboo grows and the Lemony lilly pads bloom, Croaky is not your frog, he's stuffed with chocolate kisses and tons of imagination! #Amigurumi #Funmigirumi #crochet #frog #toys #free pattern #craftybegonia

Funmigurumi And Kids Stuff

Friends of Craftybegonia: Honker the Funmigurumi Donkey Honker is super shy, but the guys at the barnyard convinced him that if he alloed himself to be photographed, the girls would like him, so he's in it for the girls! This is a PDF pattern available only from Monday through Thursday, weekly. #crochet #toys #donkey #Amigurumi #Funmigurumi #Craftybegonia