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Twelve-year old boy champions antifreeze law to honor his dog's death. 12-year old Aaron Coash is on a mission to get the State of Kansas to write a law that will make it mandatory for anitfreeze manufacturers to add a bitter taste to the chemical product so no other child has to lose their best friend. By adding the chemical, the sweet-tasting antifreeze would taste bitter deterring pets from drinking the poison. Way to Go Aaron!

National Pet Memorial Day: 8 Thoughtful Ways to Honor Your Pet Dr. Tyler Carmack, who runs the Hampton Roads Veterinary Hospice in Virginia Beach, Va., is holding her organization’s first ever floating lantern ceremony on September 8. She expects at least 50 people to attend the free event where participants will write messages to their best friends on the lanterns.

National Pet Memorial Day: 8 Thoughtful Ways to Honor Your Pet

I read that the best way to honor the memory of a beloved pet that dies is to save another. It took us six months to be able to even think about it after Gracie, but yesterday we welcomed "Winslow" from Stray Rescue. He joins fellow Stray Rescue pup, Sophie.

Pet shadowbox ♥LOVE I think this is a sweet way to remember and honor. My friend made one, it is sad to lose a pup and nothing replaces them, but this is a very nice way to honor them and celebrate their life.

No one gets left behind if you go to one of these state parks!

10 most toxic foods to dogs! Don't forget "fake sugar", is also toxic to dogs. Especially Xylitol, which is in sugar free gum. Fake sugar is a neurotoxin (even for humans, look up scientific studies) and will cause a dog's nervous system to shut down as they suffer a painful death full of seizures. Keep that sugar free gum away from your doggies.

See the movie HASHI; true story (with Richard Gere). In Scotland I saw a famous dog statue next to a pub where the owner and his dog are buried. The dog never left the grave site for years after the owner died so they put up a monument with the story.

FOR DOGS- FROSTY PAWS! Homemade dog treats frosty paws Recipe: 32 oz. plain yogurt 1 mashed ripe banana 2 tablespoons peanut butter 2 tablespoons honey Glad to know I can make them homemade.