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Cookie Box Notebooks Every other Tuesday I hang out with 24 seven and eight-year olds for 1.5 hours. I am a Brownie Girl Scout leader. Spring means we sell Girl Scout cookies. We deliver Girl Scout cookies. We eat Girl Scout cookies. So why not craft with them too? Craft with the boxes that is. The cookies are long gone!

1 Product, 10 Ideas - Mother's Day Craft and Gift | Teacher's Lounge Blog | Really Good Stuff®

Kateri Tekakwitha Dress-Up Fun {Brown Paper-Bag Vest} | Catholic Inspired ~Catholic crafts, art projects, and other hands-on activities!

address and phone number printable.... for daisies working on safety pin by clare

Camping Recipe:Brown Bears Recipe! #camping #recipes #outdoors

Camping Recipe: Brown Bears Recipe! - The Kitchen Magpie

We laid out the first 6 meetings for the Brownie Quest Journey. Use these to jump start your Journey experience!

All you need is a vinyl shopping bag with handles, duct tape, and stuffing These vinyl shopping bags are available everywhere these days and the handles provide a perfect way to tote your situpon

My Girl Scouts are bridging to Juniors today. My gift to them symbolizes their journey from "Daisies" to "Brownies" and now over to "Juniors"!

Cake Charms. Charm is inserted into cake before frosting, bead remains outside to pull. Girl Scout Bridging

Bridging Cake - Mo how about this one???

let's commit to changing the age-old notion that a man is the boss, while a woman is bossy. Sheryl Sandberg and Anna Maria Chavez explain why this is important in the Wall Street Journal: #banbossy

A great way to up-cycle those cookie cases into a Badge Project!

Happy Birthday #Girl Scouts! Our service project was to make these "cat scratchers," which are made out of recycled Girl Scout Cookie boxes for our local humane society! The girls decided to make a birthday cake out of them honoring their 101 year celebration!

Monet Craft for Kids using your fingers, tempera paint, and masking tape...I love the idea of letting kids paint with their fingers, and appreciate the link to the original work of art included here. I also like the step by step directions, and the biography of the artist. What else could I possibly need?

CHECK: Rolled Paper Beads, easy girl scout craft. When our troop made these, we rolled them around coffee stirrer straws- if they accidentally glued the bead to the straw, we just snipped the straw at the bead's edge (leaving a piece of straw inside) and the bead was just fine! The girls made a necklace and gave it to the firewoman who taught our first aid class.

Dog toy craft - for Pets Try-it?

Such a cute troop cake! This is cute for Daisy scout too!

For bridging ceremony from Brownies to Juniors. Pinned patches to Junior mints for girls