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Colorful Crafts and Sand Projects

Crayola PlaySand is always up for hearing about great crafts!

Dinosaur Dig!! Crayola colored sand (Wal-Mart) Easter Eggs (plastic) Mini Dinosaurs (Dollar Tree) Small plastic pool

Available in Canada! Crayola coloured sand. Favorite center in my classroom! Bought it at Toys R Us.

Plastic Bottle Sand Timer! Using dowels to add some style. Try with clear bottle and colored sand!

Sand Castle with Paper Towel Tubes! Quick and easy :) Try with some multi colored sand!

Permanent sand castle craft. Try this with come Crayola Colored sand!

Preschool Crafts for Kids*: Permanent Sand Castle Craft

After recently reading about Navajo sand painting in a book – found amazing and intricate art. We had a stash of colored sand waiting for a project, so we decided to try our hand at some simple colored sand art. Materials: cardboard base (something from the recycle bin) white glue colored sand

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