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Herb crafting

Primarily invested in the growth, various uses and special qualities of organic products available to us all from mother nature, the original source of all medicines.

Miracle Healing Soup – 100 Times More Efficient Than Any Antibiotic |Higher Perspective

Everything you always wanted to know about yarrow.

Everything You Need to Know About Yarrow - The Homestead Garden

Plantain: Herbs We Love For Summer! externally for insect bites, bee stings, poison ivy internally as diuretic, expectorant, and decongestant as a nutritious edible wild green. Every parent needs this.

The medicine of herbal tea

joint pain relief

Cayenne Warming Oil for Joint, Muscle and Arthritis Pain Relief

DIY Pain Relief Tea

DIY Pain Relief Tea | The Homestead Survival

~Herbs That Heal~

chamomile, so pretty and smell heavenly in the herb garden; they're easy to grow from seed and naturalize well if you leave the second batch of flowers (after harvesting for tea, etc) to wilt and go to seed

[Herbs} Have too much sage? Here's 20 conditions that are treated with sage, 4 recipes

What To Do With (Way Too Much) Sage - And Here We Are

Research reveals that as little as 3 grams of fermented turmeric powder daily can significantly reduce elevated liver enzymes within 12 weeks. And this is far from the first study revealing this amazing spice's ability to protect and repair the damaged and diseased liver. I am trying to adjust to the flavor. It has miraculous properties.

Why Turmeric May Be the Diseased Liver's Best Friend

Making garlic powder--to maintain flavor and healing powers.

Making Garlic Powder

dictionary of healing herbs with photos and ways to use them

Try growing medicinal herbs like echinacea, elecampane, lemon balm and valerian, we may not all have the time and space for food forests but adopting a few permaculture principles in our gardens will help us to see the bigger picture and our gardens to more here….

Permaculture Principles for Vegetable Gardeners

Starting an indoor herb garden is a great way to add some life to your house and some flavor to your meals. We're sharing our favorite tips to get you started!

My Life and Kids

How to Start an Herb Garden- easy tips to get started!

How to Start an Herb Garden

Native American and Other Ancient Herbal Remedies

Native American and Other Ancient Herbal Remedies

Intermediate Herbal Course: Online Herbal Course

Intermediate Herbal Course: Online Herbal Course

Creating essence of herbs tutorial. Takes simple equipment and fresh plant material.

Herbal Essence | The Little Brown House Herbary