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The four things you can’t ever recover…

Lord, please surround my kids with friends and adults who point them toward You, and in ways that complement my own deficits in parenting. #MomPrayers #PinTheWord

Speaking words of encouragement and destiny to our kids unleashes divine power into their lives. It helps set them up for success. When we do, God hears us and blesses our words. Here's how to write a blessing for your children that will affirm and empower. #parenting #blessing #faith

I need this reminder! (Holy Spirit Moment - I used to have a sign in my dorm room that said "talk less, do more; think less, pray more" - because I so tend toward the first 2. Was JUST remembering that this morning! (From over 10 years ago!)

My favorite quote honoring breast cancer awareness!

Obamacare - "We spent months looking through this intricate document & found something rather scary. It holds a clause that for an American citizen to receive universal Obamacare, they will have to submit to an implant. No implant, then no health care for you, simple as that. I don't want to scare the public but it's right there in plain sight, subtitle c-11 section 2521. It's tucked away so if you blink an eye you will surely miss it," an American liberty watcher on Capitol Hill revealed. [...]

Awesome window washers at a Children’s Hospital---love it!