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This is one of my patterns that someone did. I love what they did with their border. WELL DONE! Ravelry: Crochet Bumble Berry Pie Afghan pattern by Michael Sellick

  • Diane Bolt

    breath taking beautiful the black just sets it off

  • Haupi Justice

    That's a lot different colored yarns, so it must have cost a pretty penny to make...but lovely nonetheless. Wow.

  • Dianne Reynolds

    My first real crochet project was the typical Granny Square afgan made with scraps of yarn from my mother's projects. My border was brown, my sister's was black. Ahhhhhhh....the 60's!

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thanks crochet-crochet-crochet

  • Tina Luzier

    This is simply gorgeous!! Please tell me this is crochet. What is this called and how do you make it? Is this what they call short rows?

Pattern crochet crochet ;)

  • Tonya Smith-King

    How cute! At first glance, I thought it was a thermometer. That would be neat, too.

Crochet Display, Old Wire Spool, Cardboard, and Umbrella's from Walmart. Voila, instant creative display.

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Cute & Clever Cactus Pin Cushion (direct link to pattern:

Crochet the Christmas Tree TP Topper Pattern and add a little holiday spirit to your bathroom. For those of you who enjoy a Christmas tree in every room of the house, this pattern is perfect. The cute Christmas tree is approximately 11 inches tall and wide enough to cover the extra roll of toilet paper on top of the toilet tank. Now you always have an extra roll available without it being an eye sore. Everyone will have a smile on their face after using your bathroom and seeing this cute,