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DIY Projects for Dog Lovers ...For the dog and the one that is owned by the dog!!! FUN and Fabulous Ideas for ALL YEAR ROUND!

Our handy infographic illustrates the top ten most common emergency situations that we see at Vets Now with advice on how you can keep your pet comfortable whilst you call your vet and actions you can take to assist your vet with the diagnosis.

Custom Dog Treat Cookie Cutters from Name That Cookie

Understanding dog body language is part of my job as a pet photographer. This is an excellent chart of dog language.

Keeping The Litter Box Area Clean by buying rubber garage tiles at a home improvement store and placing them under the litter box. The litter gets trapped in the holes and not tracked all over the house! Works better than the litter-trapping mats that are sold in pet stores!

Pretty Violet Budgie - only ever seen one of these several years ago, and have been looking for another ever since!

Nouveau Bow Dog Harness - Adorable! Need a pink one for Lulu!

Is this fun for you? 'Cause for me? Not so much!