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I ♥ Star Wars

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“It's probably too Darth to see.”

It's probably too Darth to see

Can't wait for Star Wars to get here.

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Star Wars Episode VII -- in theaters December 18, 2015! | before you see it refresh your memory with this handy timeline.

  • Chrissy Wilson

    I just did the math. (Ծ‸ Ծ ) 582 days? FIVE HUNDRED until episode 7 is released? "Damn it, Abrams, stop dicking around. You are creating fanfiction, not the Iliad. Epic fanfiction takes 300 days, tops. Also, it's not like Lucas left on a high note which you have no hope in hell of matching. Trust me, the bar is set pretty low, here, just give us a kickass story and some closure and we'll worship you . Now MOVE-- chop chop."

  • Elizabeth McIntyre

    Episodes 1-3 were so lame!! Anakin was awful! Such a bratty kid!

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