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"People in India wore mostly cotton clothing. India was the first place where cotton was grown, even as early as 2500 BC in the Harappan period."

Indian Clothing - Ancient India for Kids!

Standing woman, in Turkish costume, with dark coat, see-through skirt and baggy breeches embroidered with flowers; in the background, a view of Constantinople; after La Chapelle. c.1648 Etching

Mughal Miniature Painting Depicting a Lady Standing by a Tree in Blossom

Cap Egypt or Syria, Mamluk period, probably sultinate of Nasir al-Din Muhammed, 1293-1341 Medium: lampas weave, silk Accession No.: 1985.5

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Ottoman - Turkish national costumes - Forum "Eurasian historical server"

турецкие национальные костюмы - Искусство Центральной Азии

persian dancer with scarves - The miniature can be found in the Fitzwilliam Museum. Done in 1560, it’s height is 186 mm and width is 112 mm. It was done in the Bukhara school, created under Abd al-Aziz Khan in the Khanate of Bukhara

Nice coat and striped pants

georgious ancient Persian shoes

This infographic of the completed Arnegunde Project

Sarouel Schnittmuster - Sarouel Pattern

Branko Belt 14th century Byzantine. Late Byzantine, mid-14th century AD Probably from Constantinople (modern Istanbul, Turkey) or Thessaloniki, Greece