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Lace Crochet Patterns and Stunning Inspiration

Find your lace inspiration with irish crochet, broomstick lace, free filet crochet patterns and free crochet doily patterns.

This on-trend, lightweight, shoulder-baring crochet top is fantastic for layering over everything from a snug summer tank to a button-down shirt.

Radical Top - Media - Crochet Me

Crochet lace create a delicate fabric for this crochet top. Swank Tank

Swank Tank - Media - Crochet Me

Crochet lace motifs are joined as you go before additional lace is added to create a retro top. Trixie Tunic

Trixie Tunic - Media - Crochet Me

Pineapples make fabulous crochet skirts. Pineapple Skirt lace

Pineapple Skirt

Delicate crochet lace makes an elegant cowl. Mango Infinity Cowl - Media - Crochet Me

Mango Infinity Cowl

This lace crochet skirt is fun. Paintbrush Skirt

Paintbrush Skirt

I love the openwork lace of this cardigan. Crochet Lace for Summer - How to Crochet - Blogs - Crochet Me

Crochet Lace for Summer

Crochet motifs make fabulous lace. Crochet Lace for Summer - How to Crochet - Blogs - Crochet Me

Crochet Lace for Summer

I love the crochet lace motifs on these crochet sandals. Strappy Sandals - Media - Crochet Me~~

Strappy Sandals

I love the lattice crochet lace in this crochet shawl. It Girl Crochet: Shawl

Shawl Vigne - Media - Crochet Me

This gorgeous lace crochet tunic is perfect for summer. Hibiscus Tunic - free pattern

Hibiscus Tunic - Media - Crochet Me

Filet crochet lace is stunningly shown in this lace shawl. Eolande full

Eolande Shawlette

I love the elegant button on the front of this filet crochet shawl. Eolande Neck

Eolande Shawlette

Crochet lace pants. Yes, I think these are fabulous. Gypsy Pants - Media - Crochet Me

Gypsy Pants - Media - Crochet Me

This crochet lace doily is gorgeous and unique. Belle Fleurs Doily - Media - Crochet Me

Belle Fleurs Doily

This crochet home decor project is fun and colorful. Sun wheel mandala - Media - Crochet Me

Sun wheel mandala

I love elegant lace crochet shawls! This pattern is a great introduction to these types of shawls. Summer Sprigs Lace Shawl - Media - Crochet Me

Summer Sprigs Lace Shawl

A crochet lace skirt is so easy and a gorgeous idea. how to crochet ruffle skirt- Media - Crochet Me

how to crochet ruffle skirt free pattern tutorial

Irish crochet is a fabulous way to dress-up a gown or baby christening dress. A Clones Lace Heirloom - Crochet Daily - Blogs - Crochet Me

A Clones Lace Heirloom