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My Mom ~ Irene Rose McCarthy Petzolt 1922-1991

I'm Irish, but more importantly, I'm from TIPPERARY!!


Quebec, Canada

Alf - my Mom loved this show. I even bought her an Alf doll for Christmas.

ALF | Best of the 80s

Your Mother - sp moving!

John Muir 1909 "Our National Parks" NY: Houghton Mifflin

Sikorsky CH-34 used through 1969 in Vietnam - made at the Sikorsky plant in Bridgeport/Fairfield CT, where my uncle worked.

John Stamos - it's uncanny how much he looks like my high school sweetheart in this. I hadn't noticed it until my Mom pointed it out. It hurts my heart a little.

Quiz #1 – Answers and Winners

I planted this plant in my yard. We call it the snowball bush. Very pretty. Blooms around Mothers Day.

New England fried clams! My Mom and I would stop at this tiny fried clam stand in Rockland, Maine for the best fried clams, whole bellies!

Images for ipswich clams image search results

Manhattan Clam Chowder - my Mom preferred Manhattan style over New England style, no one else in the family did (my father referred to it as fancy vegetable soup), so she'd make a batch, divide it up and freeze it so she'd have it while we had the New England style she made for us. Years later, when she was ill and living with me, I'd buy a can of Campbell's Manhattan Style Clam Chowder and surprise her with it for dinner. Funny how little things can mean so much. (Link goes to a recipe.)

One Perfect Bite: Manhattan Clam Chowder

stuffed clams/ Quahogs - My Mom made the BEST stuffed clams, lost her recipe, but this is close. Also good to freeze after baking.

QUEEN Ann's lace - Farmington Maine *Mom and I both loved Queen Anne's Lace, so delicate looking!

I would rather feel bad in Maine than good anywhere else. - E.B. White, who was from.Maine.

E.B. White Said...

Maine State Prison Store. Bought lots of wooden items from this store in Thomaston, Maine. Inmates at the prison make a variety of handmade items, from toys to furniture, and the profit they make on what they sell goes into an account given to them when they leave the prison. Good program, they learn a trade and have money to start a, hopefully, new life. Anyone visiting us always wanted to "go to the prison"! Very reasonable prices.

Magnificent Maine

Happy birthday, Schooner Mary Day! - my Mom's favorite schooner, she has red sails and would overnight a few nights each summer in our harbor at Spruce Head Island, Maine.

Sailing Legend Celebrates 50 Years and Counting | Maine PR Maven

Andrew Wyeth."Christina's World" - this farm is not far from where we lived in Maine, on the road to Thomaston. We drove by it several times a week. Christina Olson was the handicapped daughter of the oener, a friend of the Wyeths. This was my Mom's favorite painting, and one of mine too.

Andrew Wyeth - The Patriot,1964 **my personal note (Maura): This man is Ralph Cline who lived near us in Spruce Head, Maine. He was a sweet old man who made his living cutting trees, selling wood and doing odd jobs;he delivered wood to us for years. Wyeth really captured him, he always had a hint of a smile on his face! He had struck up a friendship with Wyeth who asked to paint him in his WWI uniform. I was so happy that Wyeth chose Mr. Cline as a subject, such a sweet, ordinary man to be immortalized this way!