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"The Last Supper" Filet Crochet Pattern

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Amazing Christmas Crocheted Gift "The Last Supper" by CrochetMiracles, $350.00

The Last Supper Handmade Filet Crochet

  • ellie jimenez

    how many chains do you start with??

  • Nannette Wicks

    As far as I can determine, there are 2 different patterns. I have a picture of the original one and they differ. Design is different. From the one I originally had, have only diagram and no directions, so will have to count to get exact number. When you count by 10, double that figure for your stitches for chain. then follow blocks and open stitches

  • Laurie DePasque

    Absolutely breath-taking! Thanks for Pinning.

  • Nannette Wicks

    I have finished my "Last Supper" crochet but mine will be used as an Altar Cloth for one of our local Catholic churches. it will hang down in front of the Altar, not wide enough, so will add fabric to both sides, and it gets a piece attached to the top so it can be cornered in the back of the Altar to hold it. Need to get it done before Holy Week which starts on the 13th of April.

  • Marilyn Hall

    what are the directions for this patternsuch as how many chs for foundation row

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You can make your custom order and I will give you 20% discount - just let me know. $450

The Last Supper Handmade Filet Crochet

The Last Supper Handmade Filet Crochet T project on

Print the two parts of the pattern for easy work.

  • jeanne gross

    thank you so very much for this pattern. some of the sites that I have tried to get it from always wanted to much for the pattern or it wasn't available. this means a lot to me. Thanks again!

  • cherylann hayes

    Thanks, but the two do not match up. How do you fix it. Thanks

  • Tatyana Terziiska

    You can use the whole pattern :)

  • Jerry KImbrell

    Does anyone have the directions for this pattern?

  • ellen pelkey

    love love love it!

For easy work!

For everyone who is looking for this! And this is my finished tablecloth -

  • Nannette Wicks

    I have started one, but had a terrible time trying to figure out how many stitches to start with, but finally figured it out and am on row 13. Thanks for the pattern.

  • Michelle Dargie

    how do you start it?

  • Charlotte English

    Michelle, I would first save the enlargement up in the corner. That is where you start. If you look at the pics you will see numbers there that is how many stitches are across, add the two numbers if you intend to do in one piece.

  • Bev Ijames

    My Mom Started crocheting this from her pattern and has lost it. So I'm trying to find another copy of the pattern could anyone tell me or lead me in the direction where I can find this pattern and the stitches so she can finish it. BTW She is crocheting it. Thank You if anyone can help.

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