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A Momma Cat Hugging Her Kitten | 22 Of The Cutest Things On The Internet

Some of our favorite fashion bloggers talk about why they love Crossroads!

Best Coast covers Nirvana's "About a Girl" just around the 21st birthday of Nevermind.

Film maker Marino Capitanio has produced BRKN Queens, a nice short of a bunch of local skaters hitting the Astoria Skatepark in New York City. Overall some great slow motion footage, as well as great color filters, make this a film you want to watch.

"living with hallo is like living with a real roommate: someone always occupies the shower when you need to get ready."

Here's a video of a baby kangaroo named Digger wearing a diaper and doing a floppy somersault into a pouch. Ahh! Cannot take this.

Crossroads was born in 1991 so we can't help but be a little nostalgic for our early years. Today, we bid Kurt Cobain RIP for the 18th year. In honor of that, enjoy this amazing cover of "Come As You Are" by Yuna. It's really different, but it is really beautiful.

I know we're all tired of the "Shit so-and-so says" but this one is seriously funny. Shit fashion girls say during fashion week...sad thing is it's so true!

How to sell at Crossroads Trading - Part 2.