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Millinery techniques & tools

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EPBOT-- a brief but very simple to follow guide on how to DIY a top hat for cosplay.

Hat intro Primer | Vintage-Haberdashers Blog

Application of latex rubber to pinch point of straw crown. This process strengthens the straw at its most vulnerable point.

c. 1902 NYPL Digital Library

Hatstruck Couture Millinery: How to Tie a Hat Blocking Cord; A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words; Felt Blocking Class

The Hatted Professor: The Cavanagh Edge Primer

Photos of hatters tools - Page 32

Working with Parisisal


aMuse: artisanal finery -- Bias EdgesTutorial

Introduction to Millinery materials

How to measure for hats. Link includes how to calculate & knit several styles of hats from the measurements. A good place to start designing hats.

The standard Positioning for Top Hats, Bowlers, Panamas, Fedoras and the like one uses standard Hat Size measurement, about a finger or thumb above the ears ( 0.5 to 1 inch) and in middle of forehead going straight back)

Boaters are often worn higher on head due to shallow crown height or at can be worn a slanted angle. Likewise Berets are worn higher ( some say 2 finger above eyebrow - though depends on ones fingers size!). The diagram show this cross section of the head is smaller than the standard "hat" position. So as a rule a Beret or Boater is one size SMALLER than standard HAT size as heads tend to taper in further up to smaller a cross-section.

A. Carding (combing the fibers), Bowing (cleaning and fluffing) B. Matting (various layers of the fiber into felt) C. Basoning (manipulated the batt of felt into a triangular shape called a capade or gore that will become the crown of the Hat) D. Flanging (attaching the brim) E. Blocking (forcing the hat body onto a wood form and stamping the moisture from it)

Hatstruck Couture Millinery: Carve Your Own Utility Hat Block #millinery #judithm #hatblockdiy

The hat-maker tools Sibiu, Romania, Virgil Ilieş #millinery #judithm #hats

Hatstruck Couture Millinery. Top hat brim prototype made without a top hat hat form.

Poly Hat Blocks from Frank's Cane and Rush, only $20

How to install a wind cord by Stoney (Fedora Lounge). After all you don't want your hat to blow away at the first gust of wind...