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Oscar Goldman. Loved the cool exploding briefcase.

1950s purple party dress

Dribble glue from a hot-glue gun all over a piece of PVC pipe and a foam cup to make a what looks like a long-burning candle. Insert a much-safer battery-operated tealight in the middle to make the candle glow. If the candles are placed under a black light, they will glow in the dark – perfect for any haunted house.

12 workout stations on pandora. Thanks pinterest! - just added these stations!!!

Hello Kitty kitty

Breakfast tater tot casserole. Healthy? Nope. But maybe my picky 5 year old will actually eat breakfast if I fix this!

Dirty Shirley! -Cherry Vodka, Grenadine, Sprite

Pumpkin Pie White Hot Chocolate... so ready for fall right about now!

Love this idea! clear short drink cups for packaging cupcakes - perfect for school birthday treats!

Fall Decorations. I love Fall!!

Cute Halloween tea light jars. I love Halloween!!

How about those wacked out kids shows these guys made? HR Pufinstuf, Sigmond seamonsters, Lidsville.

Every day after school. I knew every episode by heart.

Had quite a collection of Mad magazines. Loved them. Wish I had them all today.

Rotary wall phone. And yes, ours was yellow.

We had this, or something very much like it. Hooked it up to the TV and it played tennis and handball, and that was pretty much all.

Loved some cream of wheat, too. Still do, as a matter of fact.

Loved some instant breakfast. And the variety pack with vanilla and strawberry.

Got a stick of this gum after haircuts at Herbs Barber shop.

As a younger child, many happy hours were spent playing with this set. As I got older, this castle became the perfect fortress, defended from attack by an unseen enemy by those brave plastic soldiers. This grand castle was transformed into a bombed out and battle damaged stronghold. This was accomplished by fire, of course.