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♥ Neon painted (or pastel or your favorite color) wooden clothes hangers instead of plain wood. Cute for teen rooms

Inspired by books, the Pages chair allows the user to adjust the seat height and backrest cushioning simply by turning its colorful padded “pages.”

I love the use of the floating narrow wall to anchor the display!

curtain rod & knotted strips of fabric. Easy & doable.

Book dress in an Anthro window display! Photographed by Lynn Byrne (via @anthropologie

Delta College Librarian Constructs Christmas Tree Out of Books...Librarian Jennean Kabat spent six hours with a couple of coworkers carefully assembling the decoration the day before Thanksgiving...The literary structure — which is buttressed from within by a wastebasket — is comprised of over 100 books. At the bottom, red books were used to simulate a tree skirt. Green books fill out the body of the tree while gold ones round out the top, mimicking a star...The tree is constituted predominan...

Next retail wall is looking like this!

During the past year we've seen a fascination with books for use in displays. Retail Details blog at

Shoe boxes - painted white - then doodled on to look like vintage suitcases

Material over the slatwall :)

Slatwall Hooks on Fushia Fabric

Easy centerpiece: Take a big Styrofoam ball and stick lollipops into it!

Make dessert stands using dollar store tart pans and candle sticks - spray paint

I like the drop ceiling!

This would make an awesome Children's section