Gorgeous front yard, so wild and free!

California front yard meadow garden with drought tolerant red lantana and Sesleria autumnalis (Moor grass), Nassella tenuissima (rear)

  • Melinda Cooper

    Since they mention California this probably wouldn't work in our area.

Front yard meadow garden with ornamental bunch grasses, Stipa gigantea (flowering), Anemanthele lessoniana, and lavender (Lavandula); design Maile Arnold

  • Melinda Cooper

    Need something for my new nature path - need to be happy in the shade with very little sun.

This storage cart is a neat idea to make into a unit for the patio. I've painted it a sage green (before putting it together) and then I'll put items on it that I use for entertaining on the patio. Purchased at Harbor Freight

Time to mow

how to make this path

  • Melinda Cooper

    OK, I've started working on my brick path - I'm redoing it. I've moved all the 2 x 2 foot cement mold blocks -they were really heavy. I've put them in another location in the yard. Now, I need to make it wider, put a border in, and then figure out what to put down for a new path. Didn't realize this would be such a project.

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