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Monsters and Monstrous Deeds of History

On Monday, December 13, 1920, it’s reported that brothers Jason and Jimmy Garret found a “treasure map” stuck to a tree with a knife. Based on their parent’s account, the boys weren’t believed and were promptly sent outside. The above picture was slipped under the front door of the Garret farmhouse one year later. No map was ever found and neither boy was ever seen again.

Horror: Sergeant Jan Pietrzak, 24, and his wife Quiana Jenkins-Pietrzak, 26, were bound and gagged before being shot in the head

The Killing of Lisa Steinberg - In 1987, New York City police were called to a posh Greenwich Village address. They came upon a 16-month-old boy sitting in his own waste, tethered to a playpen. His sister Lisa lay naked and unconscious. Signs of physical abuse were clear. Lisa died three days later. Her adoptive parents, Hedda Nussbaum and Joel Steinberg were charged with second degree murder. It was soon discovered that Hedda Nussbaum was also a victim of abuse.

The children were made to throw up and eat their own vomit. The were beaten with a large paddle called ‘Mr Awesome’. They were made to soak in a bath of ice to reduce swelling from the abuse. They were sexually abused, claiming they were forced to eat gum off Aubrey Thomas’ penis. They were made to perform oral sex on their adoptive siblings in exchange for food. They were forced to put urine soaked underwear in their mouths if they wet the bed. They were also forced them to eat horse manure

Torture in Tulsa | Bad Breeders

1945- A chronicle of the life of Lena Baker, the first woman to be sent to the electric chair in Georgia for the murder of her employer, who forced her into sexual slavery. Baker was charged with capital murder for killing her employer, Ernest Knight, In 2005, 60 years after her execution, the Georgia Parole Board issued Baker a full and unconditional pardon.

CCTV capture of Jon Venables and Robert Thompson, both 10, abducting 2 year old James Bulger from a shopping centre in Liverpool. The two ten year olds would go on to torture Bulger, beating him bricks and stones, pouring paint in his eye and inserting batteries into his mouth and, allegedly, his rectum. His skull was fractured ten times when his head was repeatedly struck with an iron bar. The injuries were so severe and extensive that a pathologist could not specify what blow had killed the child.

Maria Ridulph was kidnapped on a street corner in Sycamore, Illinois on December 3, 1957. She was 7 years old at the time. Her body was discovered in a field 5 months later. The case went cold for 55 years until Jack McCullough formerly John Tessier was arrested in July 2011. It is believed that the case involved the oldest unsolved murder resulting in an arrest in the United States

Ex-policeman gets life for 1957 death of Ill. girl

Maddie Clifton, 8, was missing a week when Josh Phillip’s mom found her body hidden inside the pedestal of his waterbed November 1998. It was determined that Clifton had been stabbed & clubbed with a baseball bat. Phillips, 14, claimed that he and Maddie were playing baseball & he accidently struck her with the baseball bat. The injury caused Maddie to scream. Out of panic and fear of punishment by his abusive father, he killed her. Josh was convicted & sentenced to life in prison.

“Eating people is like eating pears,” said Dorangel Vargas, the “Hannibal Lecter of the Andes.” Vargas, a homeless man from Venezuela, was convicted of killing and eating 10 men before his arrest in 1999. Vargas is a bit of a foodie – he preferred men to women, and he reportedly refused to eat the coarse or fat parts of his victims’ bodies. He also refused to eat fat people because he felt their poor health made them unfit for a meal.

Paul Bernardo & Karla Homolka were the Ken & Barbie of serial killers. Their first murder together was of Karla's little sister, Tammy, whom Paul deflowered while Karla held a halothane-soaked rag over her sister's face to make sure she stayed unconscious. Karla helped Paul kidnap, rape, murder, dismember & then dump 3 other teen girls. When Paul began to beat Karla, she turned on him & went to the police. Paul was sent to prison for life, while Karla received a lenient sentence.

Richard Trenton Chase was an American schizophrenic serial killer who killed six people in the span of a month in Sacramento, CA. He was nicknamed The Vampire of Sacramento because he drank is victim's blood and cannibalized their remains.

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In Florida in 2006 Leo Boatman murdered two campers execution style with an AK-47. He pleaded guilty to avoid the death penalty. He told investigators that on that day he went into the woods looking for an opportunity to commit a murder. In 2010 Boatman beat his cellmate to death. The state of Florida have referred to Boatman as a would-be serial killer. Family has questioned why he was not placed in a mental institution.

Luka Rocco Magnotta (born Eric Clinton Kirk Newman; July 24, 1982) is a Canadian actor & model in gay pornography accused of murdering & dismembering Lin Jun, a 33-year-old Chinese international student, then mailing his severed limbs to offices of Canadian political parties. After a video allegedly depicting the murder was posted online, Magnotta fled the country, prompting an international manhunt. He was apprehended on June 4, 2012, in Berlin while reading news stories about himself.

While Channon Christian was forced to watch, her bf, Christopher Newsom, was raped prison style and then his penis was cut off. He was later driven to nearby RR tracks where he was shot and set afire. Next Channon was beaten; gang raped repeatedly in many ways, had 1 of her breasts cut off and bleach poured down her throat to destroy DNA evidence—all while she was still alive. The suspects then took turns urinating on her. They set her body afire too, and left her body —in 5 separate trash bags.

Stephanie Neiman, buried alive by Clayton Lockett whose April 2014 execution was not as smooth as intended. She was 19 and two weeks a graduate of Perry High School in Oklahoma, where she played the saxophone in the band. It would be unduly cruel to point…

Clayton Lockett’s victim had a name: Stephanie Neiman

Mom sentenced for holding down toddler daughters while husband raped them - The judge would have preferred sentencing her to life in prison rather than just 15 years.

3.) The Bone Collector. In February of 2009, a dog walker in West Mesa of Albuquerque, New Mexico discovered human remains. Later, one of the largest crime scenes in US history was unearthed. An unkown killer used the area as a body dump. They were later named The Bone Collector. The remains of eleven bodies were eventually recovered and they were all prostitutes.

Christopher Peterson, dubbed the "Shotgun Killer" confessed to shooting seven people with a shotgun, from October 30, 1990 to December 18, 1990. Those who witnessed some of the murders described the killer as Caucasian, yet Peterson was convicted to two death sentences because of his confession. Today he recants the confession, saying authorities forced him to say he was the killer.

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