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My picture but I have to make a note that this website was great for photo tips and tutorials.

Tips for shading with markers but helps teach the basics of light

10 rules of photo composition (and why they work)

WHAT TO WEAR: family photos

Street Photography Composition Lesson #4: Leading Lines

Nikon cheat sheet: how your Nikon DSLR's metering modes work... and when to use them

Skin Colour Correction Using Curves in Photoshop

21 Wedding Photography Tips for Amateur Wedding Photographers

monitor color calibration for printing is a website that helps you prepare images for the web. collage style templates to show clients or put on social media. $49 for a single user. (Photographers picture featured here Vanessa Joy)

PVC Photobooth. "Built this in about 30 minutes in my backyard with a hacksaw to cut everything apart. It will be used for a birthday party with a few different backdrops hanging off of it. It is wider than I was thinking of making it-but with multiple backdrops hanging off of it, it will give me room to fully open one and have the others scrunched up on the side."

Another great photographer. I love this wedding shot like taking a "peek" into the reception.

The dangers of retouching too much. This video shows you why you need to take a break while retouching a photo.

great posing equipment ideas and just a great blog. Loved learning via internet from her.

DSLR Photo Tip: What The Heck Is Back Button Focus?

This is a new free photography audio podcast. You can download the episodes of the show and listen to them on your phone or computer while you commute, work, clean, shop, etc!