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Pinterest Pick: ‘While You Were Out’ folders for when students are absent!

Another Pinner wrote "This is the best (and fastest) way to tie shoes. I even teach the kids when I'm subbing. It blows their minds."

SMARTboard (ease into first day of school) "First Day of School! First Day of School!" Even high schoolers would love this!

Place value cups for teaching place value. Genius!

I've shown this to my students at the beginning of school they laughed so hard! Pixar Short Film: For the Birds (This one is great for the beginning of the year, especially to infer important ideas about friendships, tolerance, bullying, and more. Great "moral to the story.")

Growing bean plants in CD cases so all the parts can be seen.

Teach123: A.D.H.D. Tips; make your own fidgets for fidgety kids to manipulate in class.

Kids would "get" the water cycle SO MUCH more if they did THIS instead of just read about it in a text book!! ...and so simple.

Slap! Call out a word and first person to slap it, adds it to their pile..... vocabulary, sight words, math facts... so many possibilities!

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