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Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox

I am inexplicably, inescapably, me.


The perfect vocal diction warm up!!

Parzival Waldorf Preschool Denver

Make these bracelets with a few materials and get your little ones rompin' and stompin' to the beat of the music!

Jackie's husband made this fabulous DIY Learning Tower for a total of $30. He used a stool from Ikea with some additional pieces attached above the highest step. Easy and cheap.  We found this tower excellent for little people as it was sturdy and light enough for Jack to move by himself around the kitchen when required.

A low mirror - Montessori toddlers at home

Great Blog! how to safely hang pictures at a low level: screw in mirror clips and corner braces (and lots more info/ideas!!)

Montessori toddler kitchen tour. Great for giving toddlers more independence and responsibility. (And they have unlimited access to the HEALTHY snacks mom stocks their cabinet and fridge with.) ....Hmmm, I like the idea, but I also dislike the idea of snacks ANY TIME ANY WHERE and don't know that separating a kid kitchen from the family kitchen is great in the long run. Oh, and space...?

Kitchen station for Montessori toddler

An awesome Montessori nursery in a teeny tiny space. Oh, and lots of IKEA. :) Featured on How We Montessori.

another montessori room tour...i can't help myself. i'm sort of loving this idea.

Lovely ideas on this website for creating a Montessori Toddler Environment at home - would definitely appeal to my 3yo that hates over-stimulation!

- Super Foods + Smart Advice = The Best Prenatal Diet - Fit Pregnancy

Lots of resources about the Montessori weaning table, which is typically used for ages 6 months - 2 years plus links to other posts about feeding babies in the Ultimate Guide to Baby's First Year

Blue sugar soap for men (cedar, tonka bean, licorice, patchouli, lavender, heliotrope, coriander, bergamot, mandarin and finished with star anise and ginger)

If your picky eater won't eat fresh fruit - try making it into a sorbet. This is our super easy recipe in just 3 steps!

Supernatural ♥ .


Supernatural ♥ .

Misha!! I love you. I love you and your destiel shipping.

Supernatural in a nutshell.