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I do not let what happend in my past, control my future. I learn from it and it makes me stronger.

My LONG Chronic Pain Bucket List

Where Is Your Thinking Leading You? By redirecting your thoughts, you can change your life! by

Being a peaceful parent has nothing to do with being permissive. There are a bunch of free printables here in different colors to hang in your house.

"Spin-Doctor Parenting": Peaceful Parenting {FREE Printable}

Love that! Only if you've been plagued with depression & oppresion can you relate. Thankful for years and years of deliverance. #jesus

Working on that....

10 Ways to motivate others is a great blog post. We can all benefit from giving and receiving positive motivation from our co-workers.

Positive Affirmations Lampshade made by my friend, Jana Johnson! She took all my positive comments, letters, notes, etc. from family, friends and co-workers and we copied them on a copy machine and paper mached them onto two ordinary lampshades to make a positive statement to enjoy all day everyday at work!

The researchers found that many bullies thrive by charming their supervisors and manipulating others to help them get ahead, even while they abuse their co-workers. Because many bullies can “possess high levels of social ability,” they are “able to strategically abuse co-workers and yet be evaluated positively by their supervisor,”

Yes, I'm a managerial nerd. But this book mirrored EXACTLY my ideas of what a team of coworkers should be!

Positive notes for coworkers--Lunchbox Love® for People You Work With | Say Please Inc

We put these all over the campus and people took them. I also take to meetings I attend and pass them out before the meeting. Puts people in a good state of mind.

everyone has a story

#Flowers | #flower | #Blue Poppies (Meconopsis Lancifolia)

Amazing how long you can live with pain before you finally make the necessary change. The pain of not changing needs to outweigh the pain of changing before it happens.