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Kindergarten Math ideas

196 Pins

Kindergarten Math ideas

  • 196 Pins

Pocket chart visual for ordinal numbers.

Ten Frame Freebie!

Ten Frame Freebie!

I love this because, by following directions, the Lego stack gives you the answer. Kindergarten math for a kiddo who likes Legos

Decomposing numbers More apples!

Rowdy in Room 300: More apples!

great math center ideas

Geocities has shut down - Shari Sloane - Educational Consultant Great math center ideas!

This is brilliant! Popsicle tens frames

Teaching in Progress: Favorite Pins Friday

learning with legos!

Crayon Freckles: using legos to teach math and writing

Put the teen numbers in order to 20 - Common Sore support for Kdg!

Numbers 11-20 - Supports the Common Core!

tens & ones. what's the value of your initial?

First Grade School Box: Super Cute Idea for teaching tally marks! Tell the kiddos that there are 5 friends and the last friend tripped and the other friends catch him/her before the fall!

First Grade School Box: Teaching Tally Marks

Math freebie: Count it, Glue it and write it

Common Core: Be Wise-Subitize, Developing Instant Recognition for Quantities. The ability to subitize, or instantly recognize small arrangements of items, is a foundational math skill. A few minutes of highly engaging practice each day is all it takes to develop this skill. This group of cards includes dice patterns, tally marks, hearts, and finger patterns. Includes instructions for how to use the cards in the classroom. Great for whole group or small group instruction. $

Number Writing Practice 1-30

Number Writing Practice 1-30

Part-Part-Whole Task Cards

Roll and add.

The Lemonade Stand: Number Bond Bracelets Take 2

Classroom Freebies: Make Ten

Wish I could say I thought of this! It really works - my kindergartners know it after 3 days!!!

decomposing numbersl

3d shapes

Decomposing Numbers FREEBIE

Cut and glue. Match the number to the 10-frame