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2-Week Plank Challenge: Build Up to a 5-Minute Plank

Fitness Motivation Posters

The Only Motivation You Need to Keep That Fit Resolution

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Post workout food... It includes PIZZA! @Melissa Squires Squires Squires Squires Squires Bogart - check this out!!

Daily motivation (25 photos)

Fitness Tracker Printable - Hairspray and Highheels

Lose the Baby Weight AT HOME! A 20 minute Beginner Crossfit Workout ANY mom can do.

Check out these foods that have been shown to boost metabolism. Help your own metabolism by eating smaller meals more frequently throughout the day, every 3 hours is idea.

Every girl needs this at some point :)


Create your motivation wall!!

67 Science Backed Ways to Lose Weight.

No Equipment Needed Post-Baby Workouts ~ From My Personal Trainer! - Or so she says...

What you need to know before you run your first 5k via @Erin

Back On Pointe

Melt fat and build muscle with our dumbbell blast circuit workout! #GetFit2014

Summer Fitness Routine

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Yoga for the Splits Print this out and practice these poses everyday to gain flexibility for the splits. Start by holding each pose for 30 seconds on each side. Work your way up to 1-3 minutes as your muscles start to open up. When you’re ready to try the splits use a block or pillow under your front leg for support until you feel ready to go without.

Printable Workout Guides to Take to the Gym | Women's Health Magazine

Stretch after a run ... gotta remember this sequence so that I'm not so stiff and sore a few hours post run

A workout focused on shrinking your muffin top. Yes, please!

The Ultimate Gym Workout for Women

Step-by-step recipe for making a drink that makes you lose up to 5 lbs per week. Repinning.