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Cheetah, dog, frog, elephant, ladybug, butterfly, electric eel, parrot)

More of the animal examples (shark, sting ray, alligator, monkey, eagle, hen)

The first grade classes did a unit on the Animal Kingdom. After gathering facts and information on each animal class, the students chose an animal and wrote a detailed description of their animal and the characteristics that made it belong in it's animal class. The students then constructed their animal out of a painted paper plate and construction paper. Across the hall were their "animal watchers" (see previous pics)

Math resources to packet.

Reading resources. I also give directions of how to look up leveled books on

This is a first grade snapshot for parents to see how their child is doing each quarter.

I created a helpful parent packet for conferences. A large piece of construction paper is folded in half. The ways to succeed paper is from fun in first blog. Inside the parents will find helpful resources for them it help their child at home.

The students chose how they divided their cookie. (1/4, 1/3 or 1/2)

This idea was inspired by another wonderful first grade teacher. I loved how they turned out!

This was Pinterest inspired. 20 balloons filled with an activity for each day as we count down to the end of the year. Sidewalk chalk, lunch in the classroom, Rock, paper scissors tournament, shaving cream on desks, etc.

Another example of how to set up the Daily 5 and Cafe Menu in your classroom...student's book boxes are arranged on the shelf underneath the Daily 5 board This was my classroom about 3 years ago. I found someone pinned it on Pinterest.

Side view of animal hunters

The students chose an animal and classified it. They also wrote a sentence that explained which characteristic made it that animal class.

We used a toilet paper roll painted black and cut in half for binoculars.

Animal Hunters...a project that wrapped up our Animal Kingdom unit. These adorable animal hunters were made along with a short writing.

100th day bulletin board. Students were sent home posters with the number 100. I asked that they put 100 items on the posters. (Preferably something adhesive) no food or heavy items. We had stickers, stamps, bandaids, foam shapes, letters, google eyes, glitter dots, sprinkles, tissue paper & much more!

Favorite candy writing for Valentine's Day

Students wrote what they would do if they were presidents. I traced the students silhouettes using an overhead projector.

The title did not show fully in the picture, so here it is!

Pirate theme

Pirate theme bulletin board

Pirate theme Back to school bulletin board

Pirate theme calend"argh". Today's number will be day in school using ten frame to count. Will add poster for students to write the number and show expanded form.

My pirate themed daily 5 board in my first grade classroom. Ipick poster, five finger poster, all components of daily 5, how to read to self and someone. I will add stamina graphs below as we begin this year.

  • Naomi Adam

    Cheryl, these are adorable! I have a sailboat/pirate theme in my classroom this year and my team just decided today that we are going to implement the daily five in our first grade classrooms. By any chance would you be willing to share/sell your posters?

  • Cheryl Silotto

    Naomi, I purchased the posters on Most of my pirate posters are from there or teachers pay teachers. I would love to share, but I only bought one license. I'm glad you like them. :) s

My CAFE board in my first grade room. This is what it looks like at the end of the year after all strategies/skills that I have taught are posted.