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An inflatable pool makes a great safe play area for babies and toddlers.

33 Genius Hacks Guaranteed To Make A Parent's Job Easier

Never have to fumble in the back for a dropped sippy cup again! Genius! I have a feeling I'll be making one of these in the future.

Sippy Cup Leash: Re-visited and Improved | Make It and Love It

a better changing table. Who decided changing a baby from the side was a good idea?

If more people did #2, there would be fewer adoption returns...

Do this for a birthday instead of putting a bag of stuff together. Party favor!!!! Love it

Parenting tip. Too many parents just throw electronics, game consoles, internet and tv at their kids to keep them busy and out of their hair. Sad. I know some who if not for electronics they would spend that time scolding and yelling at them. So much for any type of quality time...make chores fun...turn up the music and dance laugh when doing chores and make the necessary changes.

Growing Old the Young Way, Top Anti Aging Tips #beauty

Hahaha! I want to buy this book for the next baby shower I attend- too funny!

hahahaha I'm gonna need this if i ever get pregnant

"How to buy a home in your 20's" this blog contains a lot of good financial tips in general whether you're trying to buy a home or not.

"Santa footprints" = Put a shoe down and sprinkle some powdered sugar around it... So fun!

Put in glow stick and hide in bushes on Halloween.....I wanna do it!!

Wake my sleeping baby and I will cut you.

Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies special note in kids lunches or Valentines Day

Need to try this…52 week money challenge. After the 52 weeks you will have $1,378.00!~ Im in, just printed, and caught my jar up- anyone else, I feel an extra mini vacation

for future reference- Dye the toilet water with red or blue food coloring -- when he/she goes potty it will change color to orange or green, turning potty training into a game.WHAT A GREAT IDEA!

Remove stickers from canvas to reveal your child's work of art. Excuse our mess, we're making memories.