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Save the Oceans!

Please join this community board to raise awareness of the plight of our oceans. Aquariums, dive/travel orgs, individuals are welcome to PIN relevant (and unduplicated please) pins on the plight of our oceans and its denizens, new and ongoing projects, PET recycling, good and bad news. Let's spread the word! Want to join? Just ask in a comment on one of my pins. #save-the-oceans #oceans #pollution #environment #marine-environment #coral #sharks #PET

"If we kill our ocean, we will kill ourselves... Pollution is like committing suicide to the Earth, and mankind!" - Daniel Powers, Wildlife Earth on Pinterest.

HELP STOP ILLEGAL FISHING! On Dec. 14 a new task force will submit to President Obama recommendations outlining solutions to address black market fishing and seafood fraud. We need to make sure those recommendations outline a strategy that can tackle international illegal fishing while creating a level playing field for U.S. fishermen and supporting smart decisions by American consumers. PLZ SIGN AND SHARE IN SUPPORT!

SPEAK OUT FOR WAHLES! Demand NMFS immediately create permanent protections for endangered sperm whales using established and accurate measures—we can’t leave sperm whales in such high risk of death. PLZ SIGN AND SHARE!

"What can YOU do to make me change these words into something GOOD?! Save our oceans and save our world... before it's too late!" - Daniel Powers, Wildlife Earth.

Meet the World’s Newest—and Most Endangered—Whale - A genetically distinct group of whales—possibly an entirely new species—has been discovered off the coast of Florida’s Panhandle region. With a population of just 50, the whales found off the Florida coast face threats from oil and gas drilling.

Stop Shark Finning

HELP PROTECT! Endangered Turtles from Trap Nets! Tell the National Marine Fisheries Service to put into place regulations that will prevent the slaughter of these animals and bring to justice fisheries that ignore these protections! PLZ SIGN AND SHARE!

  • Tim Pratt

    I so agree I love sea turtles and the ocean but we need to all help save it

*** VERY IMPORTANT PETITION!!! *** Please add your name to this petition to ask the IWC to include ALL cetaceans and give them the same protection as their larger cousins.

OUTRAGEOUS! TELL Gina McCarthy, EPA Administrator: Impose strict regulations on offshore fracking to limit this toxic threat to the environment! California’s marine environment, issued no coastal development permits to allow it. Oil companies fracking in California waters have admitted to using at least ten toxic chemicals that have damaging effects on marine life. PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE IN PROTEST!

10 things you can do to help the ocean!

BREAKING NEWS! Lego has officially ended its partnership with Shell! - Wildlife Earth on Pinterest.

Tell Texas to Save Sea Turtles in the Aftermath of the BP Oil Spill! To date Texas has dedicated ZERO Funds for sea turtle rehabilitation or restoration projects. It is imperative that Texas recognize the perilous status of this endangered animal. PLZ Sign and Share!

HELP STOP Fracking that Endangers Marine Wildlife! Not only are the direct, more immediate effects of fracking impacting marine life and their aquatic environments, but fracking waste has also posed a threat to the ocean waters. The oil industry has federal permission to dump more than 9 billion gallons of wastewater, including fluids from fracking, directly into California’s coastal oceans every year!!!!!!! PLZ SIGN AND SHARE WIDELY!

SPEAK UP FOR CLEAN WATER!!!!! Tell the EPA: It’s time to protect ALL our waterways! Loopholes in the Clean Water Act leave the drinking water for 117 million Americans vulnerable to unchecked pollution. The EPA has finally proposed a rule to restore Clean Water Act protections to these critical waterways across the country. ENOUGH GREEDY CORPORATE ABUSE & APPALLING DISREGARD FOR OUR WORLD'S MOST PRECIOUS NATURAL RESOURCE!!I PLEASE SIGN AND SHARE WIDELY!

This links back to an interview our CEO did about Water Bearer Foundation Marine Biology scholarships Love of the ocean and seas

CO2 + Water = Carbonic Acid meaning weaker shells in marine life

We have broken the limits of Mother Nature... Humans are not supposed to be in cold climates... and we definitely are not supposed to kill harmless Harp Seals! The world is off balance, and we need to fix that!

LISTEN UP! These orca's all need desperately to be freed or retired in sea pens... Until then, I do not support any aquarium holding whales of any kind for performance reasons or just for money! However, I do support aquariums that save whales for permanent injuries, or medical issues. - Wildlife Earth on Pinterest, fighting for marine wildlife rights!

THIS CROSSES THE LINE! Killer whales on the Greenland menu – a cause of concern! - Wildlife Earth for the latest wildlife news on Pinterest.

Well... Here's a SCARY halloween story for kids... Greenland KILLS Orcas! - Wildlife Earth on Pinterest.

DEMAND AN END TO PERU DOLPHIN KILLINGS! - Wildlife Earth on Pinterest, for the latest wildlife news!