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Save the Oceans!

Please join this community board to raise awareness of the plight of our oceans. Aquariums, dive/travel orgs, individuals are welcome to PIN relevant (and unduplicated please) pins on the plight of our oceans and its denizens, new and ongoing projects, PET recycling, good and bad news. Let's spread the word! Want to join? Just ask in a comment on one of my pins. #save-the-oceans #oceans #pollution #environment #marine-environment #coral #sharks #PET

URGENT: The blast from a seismic air gun is 100,000 times louder than a jet engine - & oil companies want to use this tool to look for oil on the ocean floors 24 hours a day. This testing will KILL & INJURE hundreds of thousands of whales. Tell the government seismic air gun testing is NOT O.K.! PLZ Sign & Share!

Off Shore Fracking Waste is Being Dumped Into the Ocean Off California's Coast | Petroleum | ReWire | KCET Allowed to dump billions of gallons per year.

Help save baby turtles, every dollar saves a hatchling!

Four years after one of the worst environmental catastrophes in U.S. history, the gulf oil disaster is far from over.

Did the fallout from the BP #oilspill harm sea turtle recovery?

APPALLING! HELP STOP the Killing of Dolphins and Whales in Drift Gill Nets! Tell California legislators and Governor Jerry Brown to support A.B. 2019 and ban deadly drift gill nets from the waters off California! PLZ Sign & Share!

Endangered Oceans Infographic

The disturbing discovery by a Phuket News reader of the selling of endangered hammerhead sharks in Kata market has been exasperated by the shocking realisation that the practice is not ‘technically’ illegal. #sharks

A record 726 endangered manatees have died this year in Florida’s polluted, algae-choked waterways. In one county alone, more than 60 bottlenose dolphins, 250 brown pelicans, and 263 endangered manatees have died.

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Sea shepherd cares- please support them, plus they helped end whaling in the arctic!

Don’t let BP spin their way out of paying for their damage to the coast! Tell BP to take responsibility! As BP pumps millions of dollars into misleading PR, Gulf residents continue to witness the impacts of the 2010 drilling disaster. Enough is enough! PLZ Sign & Share!

HELP END End the Captivity of Orcas in California! A new bill will end the use of orcas in choreographed performances, & contact between humans & orcas will be prohibited. It will also PUT A STOP TO THE BRUTAL PRACTICE OF CAPTURING WILD ORCAS, as well as breeding or impregnating whales in captivity. PLZ Sign & Share! takeaction.takepa...

Orca in the wild vs. orca in captivity

Go to www.SaveWhalesNow... to demand that the Navy stop deadly sonar and protect whales during training. Or call the agency that is supposed to regulate the Navy – NOAA at 202-482-3436 -- and ask that they enforce our marine mammal laws. PLZ SHARE!

Remove Waste from Our Oceans - Enlist the help of the U.S. Navy to clean Great Pacific Garbage Patch! While searching for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370, the amount of trash in our oceans has started to become a headliner for many news outlets. Satellite imagery & search teams have mistaken floating debris as the airliner, causing the public to wonder what and where is all of this trash coming from? OUR OCEANS HAVE BECOME GARBAGE DUMPS! PLZ Sign & Share!

Help Dolphins Still Struggling in the Gulf! Tell Secretary of Commerce to make sure BP fines are used to help dolphins! There is no guarantee the fines BP pays for their disastrous oil spill will be used to repair the environment or help safeguard dolphins! PLZ Sign & Share!

Harley Quinn, a star attraction at the Scarborough Sea Life Center in Britain, added to its legacy recently when it shed its shell and emerged with newer, vibrant colors, leaving the crustacean with its most brilliant coloring to date. When it was first captured, it featured a yellow, red, and black body.“Whereas he was a reddish-black on one side and sandy color on the other, he has now adopted a deep electric blue down one side [and bright orange on the other],” Amy McFarlane of Sea Life

Cousin Island Seychelles, terrestrial and marine protected area, a conservation success story

Still Not Over: Three years later | Restore the Mississippi River Delta

Before you go to Seaworld, you must watch this Free Full Film!!! Blackfish (2013) by Gabriela Cowperthwaite. Notorious killer whale Tilikum is responsible for the deaths of 3 individuals, including a top killer whale trainer. Blackfish shows the devastating consequences of keeping such intelligent & sentient creatures in captivity. A shocking expose of greed, barbarity & callousness in the multi-billion marine life theme park industry. A sober, disturbing insight into the world behind Shamu.

URGENT: Stop the relentless new plans to make the cull permanent! | #SeaShepherd #defendconserveprotect #nosharkcull #NoWASharkCull

The quest for sustainable seafood has never been easier. Click through for tips on where to buy sustainable seafood!