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Math reasoning

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Math reasoning

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Paint stick number lines~ A great way to teach the Common Core fraction standards.

This is an amazing inquiry based science and math project where students teach themselves the formula for volume. They have to figure out how many cubes can fit in the cereal box. This aligns with the Common Core Math Standard 5.MD.4: Measure volumes by counting unit cubes, using cubic cm, cubic in, cubic ft, and improvised units. 06FGFL14CP02

circumference / pi

Project Day: Visualizing in Math! That's right--we talk about it in reading, but we REALLY need to talk about it in math! See what we did today to get ourselves thinking about visualizing in math class...

Model drawing--subtraction--with multiple strategies

Taking Time for Interactive Notebooks in the Classroom

Happy Mothers Day and Math Video Giveaway - FREE by commenting on how you will use them.

LISD Elementary Math: The Powerful Array

How Much Per Gallon?

Dan Meyers website.....great math stuff

38 Week Curriculum: Geometry by Dan Meyer

Other "Dan Meyer" type 3 act videos

Dan Meyer - Be Less Helpful

Reading in the Middle School Math Classroom

Answering short-answer questions--these tips can be transferred to math word problems.

This activity is aligned with Common Core Learning Standard 3.OA.8 and challenges students to determine the appropriate operations in two-step word problems. It can be used as a whole group lesson or center activity. This package comes with tips and suggestions for teachers, word problem cards, answers, a work mat, and a chart for students to record information. $

Could use this format to come up with word problems to be used in 6th grade math for the problem of the day.

Math Coach's Corner: Division Meets Problem Solving and CRA

Tip: Math Problem Inventory - Create a chart with headings for whole class with large projection on the board and for individuals on half-sheets of paper. The headings should be appropriate for the grade level. Possibilities include: units, quantity, computation, property, objects etc. For each problem model slotting the information into the appropriate boxes on the chart to help students recognize the pieces of the...

Create a math game with a goal of reaching a certain sum, difference, product, or quotient. Good computation practice for global & kinesthetic learners who could use practice with working memory.

A Plethora of Math Anchor Charts


M Math estimation lesson, 5th grade

5th grade math games