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Painted Rocks - Home & Garden

Painted rocks related to home (people, food & things) and garden (critters, flowers, etc.). Some are painted by me and some are painted by others.

Beehive painted rock by Cindy Thomas

Haha... rock painting phone.


Stepping stones by Jessica Smith

people painted rocks

when stones got married

PedraBrasil: Pedras pintadas

PedraBrasil: Pedras pintadas

Ladybug on flower.

Piedra Pintadas - Tema Flores

shoe painted rock

Creative Painted Rocks | Funky Downtown

What do you call rolls painted on rocks? Rockin' rolls!

FLIP FLOP painted rock fun by MyGardenRocks on Etsy



Painted rock house - don't know source

  • Lorna Vliet

    Beautiful! How did you prepare your rock before you painted it? Would appreciate your suggestion. Thanks

  • Cindy Thomas Rock Painter

    Lorna - I did not paint this beautiful rock and can't take credit for it. However, I can tell you how I prepare my rocks. First I wash them with dish soap and water (and sometimes a little bleach). For a rock like this one, that's all you'd need to do. After it's been painted, you would add an acrylic or polyurethane sealer to protect the painting.

Perfect shaped house rock found on Oregon coast

painted rock cacti in painted pots - nice presentation

Yellow submarine painted rock

fruits and vegetables on rocks