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Post-it notes for students to use to show when they find figurative language in books.

Head Over Heels For Teaching: Educents Poetry Bundle

Grammar Grade 3 Common Core Aligned- All you need including calendar and printables with standards plugged in to each activity $6

Gobs of Grammar - Grade 3 Common Core Aligned

Personal narrative endings

Parts of the Newspaper…I couldn't get to the blog…but what a great bulletin board!

Start nonfiction books with a great lead!

nonfiction leads

1.23.13 -- We always say "hook your reader..." but how? This lessons comes from Laura Robb's Smart Writing series, Unit 1: Getting Started. I find students have a harder time "starting" when writing non-narrative so I save it for this unit. After I think aloud through this model, groups of students are given non-fiction trade books. They read the first page, and think through what makes it an example of an effective, hooking lead.

WritingDen - Free, online activities to help students improve their writing skills by working on vocabulary, sentence structure, and paragraph development.

I have no doubt… The truth is… It will be clearly seen…I fail to agree… I am convinced that … I believe you should know that… I agree wholeheartedly…I strongly oppose… I find it offensive…It would be a disservice… I fail to agree… it stands to reason…it goes without saying… speaks for itself…apparently... boldly...

Persuasive sentence starters Begin your 2nd Graders with these thoughts, so when they get to 4th grade they are ready to soar!

Changing your Plan from the graphic organizer into an actual draft Chart - Personal Narratives

Ways to Revise your Personal Narrative Chart - Writer's Workshop

Students act out what revising a writing piece is all about ...Kids will love it!