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James Richards

James Richards

An occupier of the 99%, I'm a geek, a gamer, and a technophile with eclectic tastes in music, and a gear head with a soft spot for animals...

stagbeetle - Hovaere Jérôme Mécanisme: frame lock Matériaux du manche: titane grade 5 + fibre de carbone avec fil de bronze (LSCF) axes: 440C 4mm Clip: clip fil en corde à piano Acier: cpm-S35V Longueur fermé: 112mm Longueur totale ouvert: 205mm épaisseur lame: 3,5mm épaisseur manche: 12mm poids: 129 grammes Tête de lock en D2

Panhard, Combat Recce Armored Buggy (CRAB)

This person who is concerned about legs. | 31 Tumblr Users That Are Not Okay

concept ships: Various flying machine concepts by Feng Zhu.

An american patriot - WIRED, Snowden