Charlemagne / Charles the Great, Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nuremburg, Germany

Reichstag Berlin 1958 by Josef Heinrich Darchinger

Military History Museum in Dresden, Germany by Architects Studio Daniel Libeskind

Modern Literature Museum, Marbach. David Chipperfield

Venice Museums are an integral aspect of what makes this city in northern Italy as special as it is. The rich artistic and architectural traditions that have thrived over the centuries in the region are set on display in many of these internationally recognized museums and galleries. There are quite a few famous museums in Venice Italy, anomg them the Academy Gallery and the Venice Guggenheim.

Paris, France...the centre pompidou moderne, one of the coolest museums in paris. the escalador is on the outside of the building, which is very trippy! a must see when going to paris!

Deutsches Museum (German Museum of Masterpieces of Technology and Science) - Munich

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