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Homeschool Curriculum Reviews

Reviews of curriculum homeschoolers love! From all over the web...**Please PIN ONLY REVIEWS.** This board is maintained by friends and readers of The Curriculum Choice - - homeschool decisions made easy. Please send along an email if you'd like to pin reviews to this board too tricia@thecurriculumchoice(dot)com

Review of Parenting Cards & Download bundle~One of the biggest benefits to using the Parenting Cards with the other complimentary products is that you can use them however it works best in your homeschool.

Review of Youth Virtue Journal~It is definitely a soul-searching way to make it real for the student to see how these virtues can help them succeed and just aren't something to read in a book because Mom said they should.

Parenting Cards & Download bundle review~"What my girls loved were the simple game ideas that made it easy for the girls to work on the weeks’ virtue – and I loved this as well, sinc...

Bible Road Trip, book 1 of a 3 year Bible Curriculum.

Homeschool Curriculum Reviews for Electives (with art curriculum giveaway!)

Homeschool Math Curriculum for Students with Dyslexia

Greatly Blessed: We Choose Virtues Parenting Card Review

Homeschool Reviews for Nature Study, Science and Technology (with three fantastic giveaways!)

Homeschool History and Geography Curriculum Reviews - with a Constitutional Literacy giveaway from Apologia!

Write From History is an elementary writing program that teaches grammar, spelling, and history all at the same time.

Her 5th grade homschool curriculum outline for teaching social studies (economics & government) and early American history.

What she is using for 5th grade homeschool curriculum in language arts and math. Includes a 5th grade reading list.

Homeschool curriculum suggestions for confused moms. LOL. The joy of homeschooling. Is your child in the 2nd or 3rd grade?

Asia: It's People and History is full of stories that make you think. Sometimes they make you cry and other times they make you reevaluate your own life, problems, and relationship with God.