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Wild Horses

The wild Mustangs of the Currituck Outer Banks are a main attraction! If you're lucky you may get to see some of these beautiful, majestic animals playing in the surf.

Jennifer Dixon caught this great photo last night on the beach. Thanks for sharing, Jennifer! We hope you're having a great time in Corolla.

These members of the Corolla wild horse herd started off their week with a sunrise stroll on the beach, but we're pretty sure the rest of the herd was sleeping in. Thanks to Corolla Beach Music and Kim Young for the photo.

Got a case of the Mondays? Here's something to make you smile. Thanks to Dreams End for this fantastic photo of Primavera and her mom, taken at Swan Beach.

Two legs or four, everyone loves an OBX sunset. Photo: Corolla Beach Music

Each harem inhabit a territorial, ocean to sound strip of the northern banks that provide each family with sandy beaches, dunes filled with sea oats, grassy wetlands for drink, maritime forests for protection and marshy sound fronts. — at Swan Beach, NC. Photo by Swandipity

There are 24 to 25 "harems" or families in the Corolla Wild Horse herd. Each group consist of a stallion and one to four mares and maybe a yearling colt or filly. The horse in the distance is the stallion of this harem. — at Swan Beach, NC. Photo by Swandipity

OBX in the fall was such an awesome environment!

One of the wild horses on the Outer Banks - via Flickr

The Corolla Wild Horses are believed to have roamed over the past four centuries on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. These horses are descendants of Spanish Mustangs brought here by early explorers. In 2010 the North Carolina General Assembly designated the Colonial Spanish Mustang as the official state horse. #Corolla_OBX #Outer_Banks #wild horses

Wild horses of Corolla

Wild horses of Corolla, They are an exciting sight.