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3 Little Pigs snack mix/shoestrings, pretzels, licorice bits - perfect to go along with reading 3 Little Pigs

Quiz Whiz: Jack and the Beanstalk | Speakaboos Worksheets

Fern Smith's FREEBIE "Go Princess!" Equivalent Fractions Go Fish Card Game This GO PRINCESS! Go Fish Card Game focuses on Equivalent Fractions! * 10 PAGES of a Princess Themed "Go Princess!" printable center games. * Distinct Cover Sheet to glue on the folders, or place in a Ziplock Baggie. * Everything also comes in Black and White if you want to save on color printer ink!

Fairy Tale lesson Sequencing watches to show how Cinderella changed throughout the story.  It's really hard to see in the picture, but on the left part of the watch band, they wrote about Cinderella in the beginning of the story.  On the right, they wrote how Cinderella changed at the end of the story.  In the middle (face of the watch) they drew/colored a picture from the story.

These creative writing activities are excerpted from my Gingerbread Man Thematic Unit. Read a number of different versions of this popular story wi...

This is a mini-unit meant to accompany the reading of The Runaway Tortilla and The Gingerbread Man. Included:*Lesson explanation and daily ou...

Lesson Plans: The Three Little Pigs | Speakaboos Worksheets

Lesson Plans: Cinderella | Speakaboos Worksheets

Lesson Plans: Jack and the Beanstalk | Speakaboos Worksheets