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  • Michele Anderson

    Oh, this is FAB!!!!

  • Whimsy & Style

    I know, eh? Maybe in reverse? (yellow with off white piping? or yellow with grey piping?) I think it might be too much white like this...especially since the base color of my dress is off white.

In yellow :)

  • Michele Anderson

    Also love...yellow would be lovely!

  • Whimsy & Style

    I'm torn between this one and the ladies who lunch dress...this one has a link to a pattern, so in that regard it is easier. But I can wing the other one too...

These might be fun depending on Lyla's dress choice

I also have this dress--which will definitely fit and which might go...but might be too much print with the bike dress...but I can bring it as an option.

Sheer curtains for the bed (more sheer than this, preferably)--white?

i heart faces « Jean Smith Photography
  • Michele Anderson

    I have some sheers

  • Michele Anderson

    Which reminds me...we might ought to get together about an hr or so before the session start time to assemble all of this, LOL

  • Whimsy & Style

    Haha! Definitely! That might actually give L time to explore so she doesn't go so wild when time for the actual session comes.

elephantito--I have this dress for Lyla (a more subdued option) but I think it will still be too big for her :(

I have a puti de pome print similar to this (with yellows and greys in it, I think)

Bring my vintage polaroid camera?

Bike basket--front or back--for Lyla to sit in if big enough, or flowers/something else if not (let me know if you need me to find a basket)

The Innocent Abroad

Cascading little (2" or so) recycled hearts for the bed (still trying to conceptualize how/were to hang them--from the trees, just from the center almost like a chandelier/mobile and drape over the canopy rails, or strung across using fishing line sort of like a curtain) Cause it's all about how much we love and adore Lyla :)

  • Michele Anderson

    The bed has canopy rails and I have several strings of these hearts from val. day. Could use more, though...

  • Whimsy & Style

    I've got some cut out I'll have to string together.

Basic grey T for Derek with jeans and flip flops (pretty much his usual attire)

Very cute--but too much with the bike print/not the right feel...

Basic pump like this but maybe in at a lower price?

Very pretty--possibly perfect--very much so too expensive too :(

  • Whimsy & Style

    Got the dress...was just about sold out in my size and runs really big so I couldn't wait until the sale. But it def. needs to be hemmed!