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This building was called "House of Stone", don't know if it still exists, since the mining pit keps on growing and eating the city.

So, I finally arrived to Cerro de Pasco, too high, too cold, but in some way , the heart of Peru.

My next work assignment took me again to the highlands. Travelling by the "Carretera Central" I could spot this...

Sacsayhuamán is near Cusco and is a great place to see the construction skills of the Incas

Provincias de Cusco: Provincia de Cusco

In Cusco there a lot of craft shops, and "mercadillos", I didn't buy too much, but enjoyed the ride...

And I really liked to walk around Cusco, despite the heart going crazy on streets like this one, or maybe for that...

The morning after Cusco looked like this... time to walk before the rain falls!

We arrived Cusco at night, went to a hotel, and after leaving our packs, went to see the city: this is how I saw it. I fell in love.

After finishing my job at Puno, I bought train tickets to Cusco (it wasnt as expensive as now). The trip was astonishing!

A really nice girl from the work took me for a walk and we ended at the shores of the Titicaca Lake.

Lago titicaca en peru : DESTINO

Puno was my next destination, I had a very exciting job travelling all around. And I really like Puno despite the cold.

  • Yvonne

    I love Puno!

  • Juan Arellano

    It's been years since I travelled there... Always wants to go in february, when they have their "Virgen de la Candelaria" festivity.. if only weren't sooo cold...

If you're in Pucallpa, going to the nearby Yarinacocha for a couple of beers is a must.

TURISMO EN PERÚ: Ucayali: Laguna de Yarinacocha

Pucallpa was the first jungle city I went to.

From Tacna it's easy to go to Arica, in Chile. Arica was a peruvian city, so my first abroad city wasn't sooo abroad.

Don´t remember when was my first time in Tacna, but I've been there many times after that.

And when in Trujillo, of course I went to Huanchaco.

Chavín, one of our ancient cultures. I found the inner temple very scary...

Yungay, Huascarán mountain at background. An overwhelming vision when you learn the history of this place.

Llanganuco Lakes, a must visit place near Huaráz.

I was forgetting Chosica, where I used to go in highschool.

Ilo, I worked two months here in the 80's

Trujillo, the first "city" I visited.