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Sumerian Archeology

Assur Relieft 10th-6th BCE Tower with defenders. Assyrians attack the Jewish fortified town of Lachish (battle 701 BCE). Part of a relief from the palace of Sennacherib at Niniveh, Mesopotamia (Iraq)

Below is a carving of an early Mesopotamian lute player, as preserved in the Oriental Museum in Chicago:

SUMER SCULPTURE 5TH-2ND MILL.BCE Two wrestlers. Copper (20th-16th BC) Iraq Museum, Baghdad, Iraq - Lessing, Erich, photographer. Two wrestlers.

Ashurbanipal: bas-relief from the Esagila Ashurbanipal carrying a basket in the rebuilding of the temple, stone bas-relief from the Esagila, Babylon, 650 bc; in the British Museum

Ashurbanipal: bas-relief from the Esagila

Ginak,Prince of Edin-E,Sumerian,Northern Mesopotamia,3 Millennium BC, limestone Louvre Museum

Art Quill Studio: The LouvreArt EssayMarie-Therese Wisniowski

Khorsabad Excavation

ALL MESOPOTAMIA — Khorsabad Excavation

Lagash, Dudu (39cm)

Mésopotamie (Irak) |

ANCIENT ART An extremely old stamp. This ancient stamp dates to the 22nd century BC, and is from the holy city of Nippur, located southeastern Iraq.

Lion’s head finial from an arm of a chair made with silver, shell and lapis lazuli from the Sumerian city of Ur (2550-2450 BCE). University of Pennsylvania Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Philadelphia, PA.

Babylonian mathematics (2000 BC) solved equations and demonstrated the discovery of what is now known as the Pthagorean Theorem

Uruk -White Temple & ziggurat, 3400-3200 BCE. Legendary home of Gilgamesh. Art History Survey I-Celebration

Art History Survey I-Celebration 1

Mari, Upper Mesopotamia, Praying queen, 2470 b.C.

Vertigo1871 | Mari, Upper Mesopotamia, Praying queen, 2470 b.C.

SSumerian Statue Head CIRCA -2600-2400 B.C/ Sumerian Period

Brick stamp of King Naram-Sin of Akkad (2254-2218 BCE) - Photo taken at the Oriental Inst. of the Univ.of Chicago, by Mary Harrsch

Cylinder Seal Mesopotamia, Agade period, about 2334-2154 B.C. Tools and Equipment; seals Black serpentine Height: 7/8 in. (2.3 cm); Diameter: 13/16 in. (2.1 cm) Gift of Nasli M. Heeramaneck (M.76.174.357) Art of the Ancient Near East

Cylinder Seal | LACMA Collections