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Cycling Boards

Cycling Boards

Do you love cycling? Then follow Cycling Boards to discover the best cycling gear and clothing on Pinterest.

Pearl Izumi Elite LTD Short Sleeve Women's Jersey - FUN!

Very cool, comes in pink too. Louis garneau jersey, can't go wrong with LG!

Electra Verse 21D Bike - 2012 Price: $539.00 Poetry in motion, the Electra Verse 21D bike offers grace, style and smooth riding efficiency to compliment whatever type of ride your whim takes you upon. But you probably know the beach streets are going to be calling your name so you can ride your beach cruiser with style

Electra Verse 24D Bike - 2012 Price: $639.00 Aboard the Electra Verse 24D bike, you'll appreciate the smooth ride, capable range of gears and understated style that the bike offers for your riding pleasure. Nice men cruiser bike to ride with your girlfriend along the beach line

Men’s Beach Cruisers The Beach Cruiser Bicycle… Guaranteed to give you the most comfortable and relaxing bike ride ever! Men’s Beach Cruisers The Beach Cruiser Bicycle… Guaranteed to give you the most comfortable and relaxing bike ride ever!

Electra Verse 24D Women's Bike - 2012 Price: $639.00 The Electra Verse 24D women's bike is a fun, versatile ride that offers 24 gears, fun style and everyday convenience to get you rolling on your way. But the best thing about this bike is how well it ride it ride on its native terrain, the beach streets

Electra Verse 21D Women's Bike - 2012 Price: $539.00 A part of the whole song, the Electra Verse 21D women's bike brings elegance and convenience to all your rides, thanks to refined style and versatile gearing. Your best friend will feel proud to ride by your site with this state of the art women beach cruiser

Electra Townie 3i Champagne Step-Through Women's Bike - 2012 Price: $519.00 Offering stability, laid-back style and a convenient step-through design, the Electra Townie 3i Champagne is great for women looking for a fun, functional cruiser bike. Take your beach vacation to a new level ride bike while taking a sun bath

Electra Townie 7D Step-Through Women's Bike – 2012 With this color ORANGE PEARL even the sun would love to ride by your side when riding along the beach line Price: $449.00

Trere is nothing better than riding a beautiful women beach cruiser on a summer day along the cost with your love one

Capo Italia cycling cap the magic cap that make you feel like a European cycling supper start when hanging around on the USA cycling races

Capo Padrone cycling cap,the UFO are going to run away from you because you are going to look like the man in black when riding your bike on a foreign country

Capo Martello cycling hot in orange the cameras are going to take a great picture even from far away when you step on the highest step of the podium after winning your dream road race

Capo Dorato Cycling cap, two gold line on the visor will make you look very fast and furious even when riding bike on the parking lot when warming out for the races

Capo cycling cap, blue and black o not i thing you are going to look too hot for the podium shot

Bmc cycling cap black ,yellow and red the colors that make look like a real cycling start

Bmc red and black cycling cap make you look hot even if you have a bald hair cut

If you are Hincapie fan this blue cycling cap make you his best supporter

castelli cycling cap o my god you are goin to look good when you hide your messy hair after taking your cycling helmet off

Mountain bikers...these are top quality and only 28 ounces...Sidi Spider SRS Mesh Shoe

Ok, all my mountain bike racers and cross country riders...these are top of the line...Sidi Dragon 3 Carbon SRS Shoe

Triathletes...these are the sidis for you. Down to $165 right now, but only a few sizes left.

Leave it to Sidi to come up with this ingenius idea...bye bye booties. (Sidi Hydro GTX Cold-Weather Road Shoe )

Super hi-tech sidis...they will last you at least 5 years! Genius 6.6 carbon lite.

Sidi Nevada Shoe...great quality for the price, only $75 right now...good deal, tons of sizes still left.