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Running Tattoos

Tattoos profess your love & passion for something.....forever. They're a beautiful artform, always adapting, changing & evolving to suit the customer and challenging the artist.

Extremely proud of running the London Marathon, so proud he's had his number and time etched forever.

The Boston Marathon obviously creates a lot of pride in running it. Nice Tattoo.

Proud of running 25 Marathons, great effort. Smokin' hot jogger.

Simple. Tiny. Fluid.

I love these wings -very graphic and look as though they're attached to his ankles, about to take off and fly....

Marathon distance....the magical number a lot of runners aspire to run and once conquered, usually it inspires the want & need to run it faster....then go further, faster. Why not?

Marathon. The distance road runners aspire to, live by, dream of.

The winged running shoe, fly the 26 miles, if only!

The Winged running shoe....freedom, speed, flying....don't we all wish it would feel like this all the time. The reality is, we only feel that flying feeling once every blue moon.

Someone's proud of their running achievements...she's in trouble if she starts running 100's of races...

This is cool -winged feet -their own. Run free & fast.

This is beautiful & fluid...looks like someone free running, parkour. Balletic.Then another loose running tattoo.

Another variation on the distance running Tattoo, the customer who specialises & loves these distances: marathon & 1/2 marathon.

Running man tattoo -beautiful, simple & solid, yet fluid.

I find this beautiful. Really lovely design and it has this runner's achievements at THIS point on THIS calf...a lot of body left to document more runs.... :)

This is funny -the running skeleton looking as though he's won the lottery. Anyone able to run has it.

May the god give you wings....when running! Just like Hermes had winged sandals.

RUN. Pretty, feminine & down near the ankle, just above your running shoes, and just below 3/4 tights in winter.

Another Marathon Tattoo, nice line drawing with the significant number of 26.2 miles (or 42.1kms) to commemorate the fabled run of the Greek soldier Pheidippides, a messenger from the Battle of Marathon to Athens.

Ths marathon distance tattoo -most runners aspire to run this distance. It was the holy grail of, it's ultra marathons, the harder, more crazy surfaces, impossible routes and climate.... the better and more desirable.