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Fashion For Women Over 40

Summer Fashion-Striped Dress

Summer Fashion-Striped Dress - Walking in Grace and Beauty
  • Tracy

    Not a fan of this dress, but you're cute! Sorry!

  • Stacy Cross

    I like the way your outfits all have shoes that you can actually wear! Some of the pins show shoes with such high heals that I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing them!

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  • Tina Boomerina - Baby Boomer Chick

    @cyndispivey Cyndi, I'm a little older than you and I would like to mention one thing about your caption on this cool board. I'm not crazy about the word 'mature' because I'm older but I don't want to feel mature. It sounds the opposite of young... and I like feeling young. I'd rather have someone call me an old hag than a mature woman... but that's just me. Of course, you are probably more mature than I am.

  • Ketutar J.

    I'm 45 and I hate the expression "age appropriate" :-D Say to Iris Apfel or Anna Wintour that they should change the way they dress, because they are over 60. It's not about age, it's about persona, style, the lines and shapes of one's body. What fits one woman doesn't fit another. Some women can dress very sexy when 60, some not even when 20, and some 20-years-olds look very nice wearing things that are found on this board.

  • Tina Boomerina - Baby Boomer Chick

    hahaha. good point. I just hate being called "mature" because I don't like to always act mature. "mature" is the opposite of "fun"

  • Tina Boomerina - Baby Boomer Chick

    "age appropriate" is pretty bad, too. It sounds like some old wrinkly 100 year old

Fashion Over 40-Daily Mom Style #winterfashion #winterclothes

Fashion Over 40-Daily Mom Style - Walking in Grace and Beauty


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