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If your butt is going to be big anyway, at least lift it up off your thighs!!

Do you do squats? They are great because there's so many ways to do them! Click to find out our Top 10 Squat Variations to build, sculpt, and lift your butt and give you the curves you want! #RippedNFit

They say it takes 21 days to develop a habit. When training, put up a Post It note for each day and rip them off when you're done to keep motivated.

The (15 Minute) Belly Blasting Workout--Love this workout. I actually do this at the Campus (my gym) believe it or not.

If your butt is going to be big anyway, at least lift it up off your thighs!!

Flatten your belly, slim your thighs, and firm your butt in 2 weeks-- without a single sit-up or squat. These five ballet-inspired moves use one piece of equipment you're sure to have in your home--a wall to gently increase your flexibility and range of motion. #workout #exercise

The 3 Best Butt Transformation Exercises

blogilates: This is how you get supermodel legs.

.The Power Abs Workout Shrink your waist, improve your posture and gain more confidence with this quick ab routine. Not only will you look smoking hot in a bikini to close out the end of summer, you'll feel stronger and leaner than ever.

*I tried this and those 10 minutes had me out of breath!** I saved this one for future use! Victoria's Secret Model's Full-Body Workout (10 Minute Video) watched it awesome for legs butt arms workout at home no machines necessary!

Best Yoga Poses For Office Workers (or students who sit stationary most of the day.)

Hold each pose for 30 seconds. You'll feel great when its all done! AND it should take about 14 minutes, and you can do it at home. yoga

Increase flexibility- 8 stretches to do the splits. Great for tight hips and hamstrings.

The "Ultimate" Arms and Abs Workout with NO equipment. Pin now, look at later.

Windmills! Say bye bye to love handles!

Chin Workout--sounds silly but it works your facial muscles and gets rid of that double chin and le jowls! I think the fact that its early made me read/try these. It actually feels like you are exercising your chin/neck. You might look a little funny doing it so best to do by yourself.

The Core Challenge - an amazing workout to tone and tighten your tummy!

7 waist slimming exercises... Including wall holds to reduce the "pouch" over your lower abs.

Another pinner said: My trainer makes me do these and by far will give you flatter abs faster then any crunches!"

7 day butt challenge, oh man this is no joke...get started before the New Year!