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Finish what you start - How to have a {fake} immaculate house (Part 3). I recommend reading all 8 (or 9- I forget) parts of her "how to have a {fake} immaculate house" WONDERFUL TIPS~ Cyndi

chalkboard paint inside the pantry to write down when you are out of something or plan for meals during the week.... LOVE!!!!

marta writes: Q+A session / managing photos & memorabilia

cute car kit to keep these things close at hand without cluttering up a purse! I'm not sure why I haven't already done this.

This website is full of great organizational tips and tricks. 52 weeks =52 projects WARNING: Start looking through this website and you will get sucked in for an hour or more. I could have cleaned up a lot in that hour.

Forget the spice rack!! Use a mop holder to store spices on the inside of a cabinet door. (no more searching through the deep cupboard for that one spice!)

this blog is really helpful, almost too helpful... holy moly. i think im goin to turn into a mad woman organizing my life :]