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Infographic Christmas iffy on this one, i love the design and it would be cute for my own scrapbook but I really HATE when people send a “recap” of hteir year...if you don’t like me enough to update me throughout the year (with a phone call or visit)...why the hell do I care at Christmas???

Inspiration for DIY Year in Review infographic cards. Send with christmas cards instead of boring play by play

Year in Review Cards

cute customizable infographic save the dates, i love how you can let your guests now some fun facts about you 2!

A Blessed Union Wedding Invitations....a list of wedding invitation wording that won't make you barf. Some of these are so cute, and hilarious!

Wedding invitation wording that won't make you barf

design by Kate Gabriel of Wit & Delight / letterpress by Studio On Fire

Alecia + Jon's Black, White, and Neon Graphic Wedding Invitations

Couple to Be - Signature White Engagement Party Invitations - simplyput by Ashley Woodman - Khaki - Neutral : Front

Vintage Typography Custom Designed Wedding Invitation Set with Antique Influence. $5.50, via Etsy.

Reception Cards

Cosmopolitan Roaring 20's Wedding Invitations by c... | Minted

business card - see how the use of negative space and proximity make this card easy to read. Hello in the large bold font provides a great contrast point to draw your eye into the card.

joy ever after :: details that make life loveable :: - Journal - new business cards {with pizazz}

Neon ink on invitations.

Wow! Turn handwritten recipes (your mom's handwriting? your grandma's?) into tea towels for your kitchen! WHAT A GREAT GIFT IDEA!


6-pack Vintage Tools letterpress notecards

Pantone Card Metallic 8 Pk multi, stationery, holiday stationery